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TechMedia partners with competent experts and small businesses to help provide a wide spectrum of services and products, ensuring we deliver our vision of comprehensive Business Services & Products!

TechMedia is committed to facilitating the building and establishment of a variety of businesses, of varying sizes and capacities in the business to business service environment. We also want to help many experts to trade their skills on a consultative basis, provided they do not violate their employment contract and conditions. TechMedia 'Innovative Business Solutions is a platform setup with the objective of helping to make the transition of starting a business much quicker & manageable, forming comprehensive strategies for sustainability and profitability, through expert consulting and comprehensive solutions, services & products!

Are you an expert in the business arena, there is room for you to partner with TechMedia and get easy access to projects, orders even short term/part time task. Calling all Business Consultants, Investment & financial management experts, copywriters, graphics designers & artists, web designers, developers, network engineers, accountants, bookkeepers and more! TechMedia will assist you to cut out multiple other processes like advertising, marketing and setting up administrative structures for your business and allow you to do what you specialize and have expertise in and reap the rewards!Contact us today and get more information on how we can collaboratively harness the market!

The TechMedia 'Innovative Business Solutions' platform is your ticket to establishing your business quickly, making profit through access to projects & Orders!

TechMedia IBS Freedom

The  TechMedia IBS platform allows to run your business and choose projects more suited for you! Just fill in our form and share the criteria of projects and jobs you prefer!

Choose Jobs & Get Skilled!

TechMedia IBS gives you access to a wide variety of jobs & projects at varying skill categories, allowing you to gain experience and perfect your craft while getting paid for it!

Success Means More Jobs!

TechMedia IBS is a platform to not only build yourself as an expert, but as you grow and your capacity to deliver increases, you will receive more and even repeat projects!

Invoices & Payments

You invoice TechMedia, we mediate the entire process to minimize unnecessary interaction with clients! You have the choice of multiple ways of receiving your payment, we invoice the client and ensure they pay on time, paying you ourselves should there be a delay!

Pricing & Price Strategies

Don't know how to charge for your services? No worries! TechMedia IBS will take you step by step through a variety of fair and industry based pricing regimes, set milestones in order to get paid per stage or reasonable hourly rates or fixed price projects!

Fees & Rates

TechMedia IBS provides a variety of reasonable options of fee structures for our consultants and partners! These options vary from sliding scale based of invoice size starting at 20%, or the partner maybe allowed to give a rate upon which TechMedia will put a margin!

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Accountants &

Business Consultants


Graphics Designers, Artists

& Copywriters!


Web designers

Developers & Programmers


Network ,Computer Technicians

& Server Experts

TechMedia IBS facilitates a professional work environment for our partners and consultants that desire to work away from home of other environments! Our facilities boast full uncapped internet, meeting facilities and an environment conducive for productivity! TechMedia IBS will partner to bring projects, jobs & clients but also to elevate your operations to higher dimensions!

Effective Copyrighting

One of the most profound secrets to success is finding the right partner! Partners come in different shapes and sizes, TechMedia IBS is the best partner you will ever find as an expert in Business to Business services! We are expert marketers who have knowledge to harness the power of technology to bring you together with the clients you are looking for, that are also looking for you!

Tell us your business, knowledge and expertise!

Let us consult & help you strategize & get you projects, jobs and your service clientele you had never imagined!

With TechMedia IBS you have nothing to loose, only gain, profit and growth opportunities! Engage with us today and let us create powerful synergies!


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