About Us

TechMedia ‘Innovative Business Solutions’ (TechMedia IBS.) is a total digital business and technology solutions hub! With a total service & delivery focus, we are a one stop destination where business & growth needs are met holistically. Our ‘Innovative Business Solutions’ present strategic action plans, deliberately structured to profitably maximize business, increasing turnover and productivity through up to date business strategies, in-depth understanding of trends, technological marketing and solutions. We supply and deliver affordable IT products, services, business consulting and cutting edge solutions that are geared to help businesses grow!


TechMedia profits from providing solid and well-rounded Business solutions and services. We consistently create bundles of relevant business services, offering considerable cost savings, facilitating profitability and sustainability for our clients through strategic partnerships. Our goal is profitability through building long term relationships, aiding other businesses by providing custom service packages, unique to every business, based on where they are and their current specific needs.

Mission Statement

TechMedia is a market leading, total business technology service and solutions hub. We present the best strategically dynamic & cutting edge services, always striving to innovate and provide the best value for money. We Pledge to operate by the highest standards, providing unmatched business, technological and marketing solutions, supplying and delivering affordable products & business supplies, IT services, consulting and expertise.


Our approach is unique in that it bundles services & expertise together affordably through strategic collaborative relationships making them more accessible! TechMedia offers businesses much better value for money and an extremely high ROI.